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We specialize in: Temporary & Permanent Staffing,
Recruitment & Human Resource Assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I pay agencies fees and what does these fees include?

We will drastically reduce the cost of overhead and alleviate some of your accounting, insurance and recruitment headaches. Our fees are competitive,
standard markups as affirmed in our proposals are considered to include all components of WorkStaff Solutions costs including but not limited to: basic
wages, required contributions, taxes, and administration fees for service. WSS shall submit separate invoices directly to the client for each job assignment,
each invoice will itemize the name of each person who worked during the billing period, the number of hours worked by each person including overtime
and any holiday overtime pay, the job title for each person and the amount owed for each person’s services. The overall benefit of retaining WorkStaff
Solutions to handle your staffing needs is simple, we minimize operation cost, take all the employer risk, save you time and money while providing reliable
around the clock service. Our fees also include workers compensation insurance, general liability insurance, employee benefits, advertising & testing,
payroll processing and employee management. Contact us today to schedule your staffing analysis and consultation.
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