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We specialize in: Temporary & Permanent Staffing,
Recruitment & Human Resource Assistance.

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© Copyright 2016 WorkStaff Solutions LLC,  
All Rights Reserved. Designed By
Malkia Hyden,
WorkStaff Solutions is a Equal Opportunity
Employer, Minority, 100% Women Owned
corporation and we support diversity in the
workplace. We do not tolerate discrimination on
the basis of race, sex, age, disability, national
origin, religion or sexuality.
28th annual Finalist
How could we help our community was the
topic of a meeting amongst our CEO and
management team back in 2008, Ms. Hyden
came up with the idea to strategically partner
with the Department of public welfare "Welfare
to work" program offering a free 30 day office
and administrative training course to eligible
participants in order to help them gain office
related skills. In addition, to resume preparation
career counseling and assistance, WSS also
assisted with temp placements. The goal was to
help participants get off of welfare and gain
permanent full time employment. Ms. Hyden
was recognized and honored in the "Philadelphia
Tribune" newspaper for successfully
volunteering these services to our community,
as a "give back initiative.
Building Connections  Across The Globe (US, Canada)

Our President and CEO "Ms. Hyden" is the founder of the Pennsylvania Business and Employment Resource Group.
The PBERG originated from "Meetup"back in 2007 and has a estimated 170 small business owners as members. The Group would
meetup once a month and members would come from all over the tri-state area to meet with us. PBERG was organized to provide
resources to our members, referrals and options to market various services to larger corporations by forming strategic partnerships
alliances. As the brain of the operation,  ambitious and driven, Ms. Hyden's many years in management, entrepreneurial spirit and
uplifting and inspiring personality has proven that she can deliver the goods, shes a dedicated professional with the ability to create
strong alliances amongst our small business and corporate community. For more information or to view some photos from our
previous meetings, please send your request to