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Welcome To WorkStaff Solutions, Our mission is to be your first choice in professional staffing and human resource management by helping our
clients better manage the human side of change. We provide a positive way for employees to transition into new employment opportunities Nationwide.
We pride ourselves in matching candidates with companies that compliment their skill sets and highlight their individual areas of expertise. Increasing
our client list with well known multi million dollar corporations who've contracted our services, we use the term "boutique" style loosely when
describing our firm because we focus on the quality of opportunities we acquire versus the quantity. Our goal is to work with individuals to help them
move beyond the traditional HR and change management process. We are proud to announce our new "ETA" (employee transition assistance) program
that offers employment stress intervention, training and development solutions with the goal of helping candidates improve their skills and gain
qualifications that will encourage success in the traditional workforce. Growing and training your talent pool in an environment of increasing mobility
requires a change in traditional mindsets concerning retention, loyalty and career development investment. We guarantee the best and brightest
candidates, complete with verifications done through the Department of Homeland Security.
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